It was 2009 and a group of friends set off for the COP15 global climate conference in Copenhagen with a hopeful mission...

A campaign to help force a legally binding deal on climate change. But, as the political momentum waned, the need for new thinking only grew.

Given was born with a radical idea. Where the substance of what businesses do, their total contribution to the world, is the new way to win.

Now, it’s the radical idea the world has woken up to. While our methods have evolved, and the team has grown in size and capability, the goal remains the same.

Today, 10 years in, we’re only getting started.

Leadership Team
Client Team
Strategy Team
Creative Team
Home Team
New Business & Marketing Team

Becky Willan

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Lloyd Burdett

Chief Strategy Officer

Ben Hayman

Executive Director

Gemma Proops

People and Operations Director

Lucy Smaill

Client Partnerships Director

Becks Williams

Creative Director

James Edney

Business Development Director

Jason Blackman

Finance Director

Amanda Jones

Creative Strategy Director

Lucy Dixon

Associate Strategy Director

Becca Dyson

Associate Strategy Director

Emily Haynes

Associate Strategy Director

Becki Rassell

Associate Client Director

Danielle Bowler

Associate Client Director

Catherine Rae

Associate Client Director

Susan Milanovic

Associate Creative Director

Davide Romualdi

Senior Designer

Rebecca Duncan

Senior Designer

Chris Seaborn

Senior Designer

Sophia Perkins

Senior Creative

Jennifer Ho

Senior Creative

Helena Farrell

Senior Creative Strategist

Erin Williams

Senior Strategist

Rachel Hammond

Senior Strategist

Isobel Smith

Senior Strategist

Finlay Murphy

Senior Strategist

Helene Dickson

Production Lead

Helen Reah

Executive Assistant

Anna Wood

Finance Manager

Jade Garvie

Resource Manager

Clare Watkins

Finance Assistant

Immy Feenan

Client Lead

Papakow Baiden

Client Lead

Gabriela Wheatley

Client Lead

Jose Niembro

Client Lead

Molly Gorniak


Alice Stephenson


Alleeya Hassim


Emma Hulston


Angela Grishin

Creative Artworker

Madhurima Das

Client Manager

Clare Collins

Client Manager

Giovanna De Ávila

Junior Designer

Yasmin Spencer

Junior Creative Strategist

Laura Piccirillo

Junior Strategist

Jan Gooding

Board Chair

David Hawksworth

Co-Founder & Non-Exec Board Member

Nicolas Roope

Non-Exec Board Member

Nigel Salter

Non-Exec Board Member

Katie Doveston

Associate Strategy Director (Purpose)