Bringing out the big guns for Creative Shootout

Sophia Perkins

05 / 01 / 2024

We’re through! Given has made the final to compete in the year’s most intense creative competition, Creative Shootout. On 25th January at BAFTA we’ll be put to the test with a sprint brief from Carers UK in the hopes of winning a prize fund, media partnerships and the opportunity to stage our campaign.

For those who don’t know Creative Shootout, here’s the gist. 8 agencies each have 4 hours to answer 1 brief and present back in 8 minutes. Still following? It’s a high energy, fast-paced, yearly competition designed to stretch thinking and produce exciting ideas under pressure. 

This year’s charity of the year is Carers UK. Their mission is to make life better for the UK’s 5.7 million carers, and we’re excited to help them do it.

Once we have the brief we’ll be primed and ready to put heads together, pen to paper and answer it. Concluding the day, we’ll perform an 8 minute (exactly!) presentation to the expert panel and audience at BAFTA. The panel will include strategic and creative heavyweights as well as Carers UK’s own CEO, Helen Walker.

Our decision-making will be tested, our creative smarts will be pushed and ideas stretched. Bring it on!

For our submission, we made a zine to spark conversations and spread the word about carers rights. We then handed it out on Carers Rights Day to the people of Shoreditch to much excitement and delight. 

If you’d like to watch it all unfold, buy tickets here. 

Wish us luck for the big day!