Episode #3 of the Purposing podcast with Fiona Cannon OBE from Lloyds Banking Group


27 / 10 / 2022

Listen to our Purposing podcast, and learn how to build a purpose-driven business from Given, the company that’s helped some of the world's largest organisations become purposeful.

‘Purposing’ is a podcast designed for CEOs and senior leaders who want to learn what purpose means in practice and the actions needed to deliver it within their own businesses.

Our goal is to give listeners practical and useful advice about running a successful purpose-driven business based on the experiences of people who have actually done it.

During the third episode, Fiona Cannon from Lloyd’s Banking Group talks candidly and offers valuable insights into purpose-driven leadership and decision-making.


Episode #3 – Engaging leaders on purpose  

Building purpose into a business from the ground up is hard. No surprises there. But reinforcing a long-standing intention can be almost as tricky. 

This was the task Lloyds Banking Group undertook when they decided to double down on their ambition of ‘Helping Britain Prosper’. 

In this episode, host Becky Willan speaks with Lloyd Banking Group’s Sustainable Business Director, Fiona Cannon, about the challenge of embedding purpose in one of Britain’s largest banks. This episode will help ensure your purpose-driven mission is delivered with substance and is factored into every business decision. 

Listen to the Purposing podcast here. 


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