Episode #7 of the Purposing podcast with Peter Simpson, CEO of Anglian Water


16 / 01 / 2023

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Episode #7 – Bringing environmental and social prosperity through purpose with Peter Simpson, CEO of Anglian Water 

Rewiring a business around a new set of purpose-driven priorities is a huge undertaking. It can take several years and involve reassessing strategy, culture, innovation, and investment. Companies serious about purpose recognise that every decision either advances or detracts from the role they play in profitably solving problems for people and the planet.

In my latest podcast episode, I spoke with Peter Simpson, CEO of Anglian Water and founding member and co-Chair of the University of Cambridge’s Corporate Leaders Group (CLG), about what it takes for businesses to play a meaningful role in the transition to a climate-neutral, resource-efficient and socially inclusive economy.

Listen to Purposing to get the insider’s story on how Peter has led Anglian Water’s transformation into a truly purpose-driven business, including the move to enshrine their purpose in the fabric of their company constitution; their Articles of Association.

Their efforts have been widely recognised in the UK; they were named Responsible Business of the Year in 2017, voted ‘best place to work’ in the UK by Glassdoor in 2019, and earned the Queen’s Award for Sustainable Development in 2020.

Listen to the Purposing podcast here. 


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