Hello world, our new website is here

Rebecca Duncan

15 / 01 / 2024

There’s no finer feeling than a little refresh to kick-start the new year. And that’s exactly what we’ve done with our very own website. See how we’ve given ourselves a more accessible, interactive and engaging online glow-up.

When it comes to internal projects – sometimes things need that little bit more of a push. After all, when there’s client work on the way, well, internal work just needs to stay (temporarily) at bay.

Which is why, after months of planning and wireframing and developing and designing and tweaking – we’re so thrilled to finally share with the world our new website:

We were keen to push things as much as possible and really take advantage of what digital can do. This included making the most of animation and motion graphics to bring our service areas and brand personality to life.

We used LottieFiles to make sure all animations were lightweight and scalable, which ensured the website would remain speedy and engaging.



As well as delivery, accessibility was also important. We created a pattern library, which included everything from our layouts, buttons, swatches to typography styles. A colour accessibility check made sure each colour contrasted well against each other, and even spurred the design team to think a bit differently about how we apply the brand on the website.

The whole project was designed and handed over to our developers in Figma, a digital design platform which made collaboration a breeze. 

Overall, our new website is a huge improvement in terms of look and feel, as well as interactivity and engagement. We’re so proud of how it looks, performs, and showcases our work and thinking. It’ll do us nicely for the foreseeable.