Insiders' Guide to Purpose #3 - Bringing purpose to your culture

19 / 07 / 2023

At Given, we’ve been spearheading work on purpose for over 14 years. The third edition of the guide is most useful to practitioners working further embed purpose into their culture.

Just like purpose, organisational culture has never been higher up the boardroom agenda. In only a few short years, global events have completely reset how we think about culture at work.

And culture, by which we mean the written and unwritten rules about what we believe, how we make decisions and how we actually do things, is no longer the sole preserve of HR teams.

So, what has this got to do with purpose? Defining and embedding purpose provides the essential nutrients from which a high-performing culture can bloom. organisation’s humanity and ethics. It encourages the colleague experience to be valued, establishing a mandate for trust; necessitating the framework for empowerment.

We want this third Insiders’ Guide to show you how to unleash the enormous power of culture in building a more purposeful business.

Inside we offer practical ways to approach the often messy task of softwiring purpose into culture, sharing insight and ideas drawn from more than a dozen years helping organisations make purpose real.

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