Insiders' Guide to Purpose #2 - How to transform your business


19 / 07 / 2022

At Given, we’ve been spearheading work on purpose for over 12 years. Last year, we released the first edition of Insiders’ Guide To Purpose to support purpose-driven business leaders taking the first steps in their organisation’s purpose journey. The second edition of the guide is most useful to practitioners working for brands with a purpose strategy already in place.

The business of being good has been good for business. Not so long ago, company execs talked solely about profit maximisation as their only true purpose. But since the 2008 crash, and with the idea of stakeholder capitalism becoming increasingly mainstream, the early pioneers of purpose have consistently delivered year-on-year success. 

But there’s no big-bang route to becoming purpose-driven. Purpose-driven businesses understand that purpose is a complete management strategy – one that goes beyond the ‘why’ to consider the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ – to be embedded in every aspect of the organisation. 

To make it work best, we’ve found that businesses must establish a purpose transformation programme that connects purpose with strategy, culture and operations, putting purpose at the heart of decision-making, customer experience, and employee engagement.

The second edition of the Insiders’ Guide to Purpose isn’t a paint-by-numbers manual to becoming purpose-driven. Our goal is to provoke and inspire your thinking and to offer you practical insights, advice and tools to help your purpose agenda succeed.


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