Life at Home with IKEA


21 / 05 / 2020

Life at Home has never been more important. Neither has our work with Global IKEA Group.

For 3 years we’ve been working with IKEA Global to understand life at home across the world. Visiting multiple countries and meeting people to gather real stories about what life at home means to them. Together, we’ve explored what makes a good home and how and why it works, or doesn’t work, to satisfy our emotional needs.

During this time, our work is now more relevant, evolving and important than ever. Since April we’ve been speaking to families all around the world about their experience of all of life at home during lockdown and looking at what happens next. IKEA Life at Home will be reporting on the themes and stories from around the world through a series of blogs and reports over the next few weeks and months.

Especially during the early stages of change, rituals and routines play a big role in helping us find certainty in chaos. Explore more about what we’ve learnt so far, and about the Life at Home project here: #LAH2020