Purpose Pulse - the consumer panel dedicated to delivering real-time insight into how to focus, communicate and activate purpose.

James Edney

03 / 11 / 2022

We're excited to launch Purpose Pulse, a platform dedicated to unlocking the purpose insights you need!

Purpose Pulse is a one-stop shop for consumer insights to give you a reality check on where consumers’ heads are at on the conversation around purpose.

Why have we developed this platform? One of the questions we always get asked on projects is what purpose means for customers. Market research can be time-consuming and expensive. That’s why we set up a community of 100 people discussing purpose, sustainability and businesses’ role in the community.

With fast and actionable insights for that last-minute Board paper, to snapshots of hot topics and bespoke questions about your business, the Pulse gives you what you need to stay connected to the conversation around Purpose.

Here are a few examples: some of our early results show that it’s easy to assume we understand customers and what they think about purpose and sustainability, but the reality is that we often need to dig deeper.

  • Sustainability was one of the topics we asked our panel about. Unexpectedly, some consumers consider unlikely brands, such as Shell, to be sustainable, which indicates that consumers can have different levels of openness and understanding to brands than we do.
  • In response to the cost-of-living crisis, we asked our community how much support they have received from their employers. Despite thinking they had received some support, it turns out that most of the consumers in our panel had not. This clearly shows there’s space for purpose-driven companies to step up.
  • We also asked our panel to tell us what brands they thought were greenwashing, and most of them named BP. This demonstrates the power of communication, especially when the business’ profits have impacted consumers in some way – with consumers being frustrated that BP’s recently announced massive profits are largely associated with the cost of living crisis.

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