S2/Ep3 of the Purposing podcast with Joanna Allen, CEO at Graze


23 / 05 / 2023

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S2/Ep3 – The good growth story – how purpose, sustainability and innovation have built the Graze brand, with Joanna Allen, CEO at Graze

Pioneers of purposeful business have been around for decades. Graze is a recent addition who set out to rewrite the snacking playbook for healthy poeple and planet. But what if the idea of balancing what’s good for society with what’s good for profits was required by law for every business?

On this episode of Purposing, I speak to healthy snack CEO, Joanna Allen. She joined British supermarket staple Graze in 2020, believing customers shouldn’t compromise between taste and nutrition. With this purpose built into everything Graze does, the business isn’t afraid to lean into big decisions or tough conversations. 

Joanna’s taking these conversations beyond the four walls of the company. Reengineering product packaging to make it more sustainable meant new partnerships with suppliers. And beyond this, she’s now a prominent campaigner for the Better Business Act.

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