S2/Ep6 of the Purposing podcast with Dr Sally Uren, CEO at Forum for the Future


19 / 07 / 2023

Listen to our Purposing podcast, and learn how to build a purpose-driven business from Given, the consultancy that’s helped some of the world's largest organisations become purposeful.

‘Purposing’ is a podcast designed for CEOs and senior leaders who want to learn what purpose means in practice and the actions needed to deliver it within their own businesses.

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S2/Ep6 – Why systems thinking is essential for purpose driven businesses

If businesses want to achieve anything more than incremental change that only reinforces that system, we need a new way of operating. It’s true that the world is messy and complicated, but if we’re serious about delivering purpose and driving positive environmental and social change, we need to rewire the system around us so that we can all thrive in the future.

Only by bringing the different players in a system together, to align and collaborate on shared goals, can a more purposeful approach to business, in which people and the planet thrive, can be achieved. So how do you make that happen?

In this episode, Becky Willan talks to Sally Uren CEO of Forum for the Future. Forum was founded in 1996 with the aim of advancing the goals of sustainability. As a non-profit organisation, Forum works with business, governments and civil society to accelerate the shift towards a just and regenerative future. Sally received an OBE in 2017 for her efforts in making business more sustainable.

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