S2/Ep7 of the Purposing podcast with Char Love, Global Director of Advocacy at Natura&Co


20 / 07 / 2023

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‘Purposing’ is a podcast designed for CEOs and senior leaders who want to learn what purpose means in practice and the actions needed to deliver it within their own businesses.

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S2/Ep7 – Moving faster, aiming higher, and digging deeper – the role of advocacy in purpose-driven businesses

Real power to affect positive change comes when every single person in a business is an extension of the advocacy team. 

Purpose-driven businesses leverage the power of governance, culture, leadership, advocacy, and many other tools to be a force for good. 

Whether they are hardwired or soft wired into a business, change comes about when purpose drives the decisions people make in their work, shows up in their conversations with friends and is aligned with the causes they give their time and energy to.

In this episode of Purposing, Char Love, Global Director of Advocacy at Natura&Co gets practical about how the business and its brands, The Body Shop, Avon and Natura are delivering its advocacy strategy. Char shares the principles that underpin the strategy and how they’re fulfilling their ambition to be the best company for the world.

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