Given is an award-winning consultancy for purpose-driven businesses and brands.

Defining Purpose

We help you define your purpose, so you can unite your business and mobilise your people around the positive role you play in the world and the problems you can profitably solve - and we build the plan to make it real.

Making purpose real to drive growth

We helped Lloyds Banking Group co-create a purpose-driven mission, to define what Helping Britain Prosper really means, so their purpose could drive strategy and shape culture.

Creating a new purpose-driven organisation

We worked with the Great British Railways Transition Team to create a new purpose to guide the organisation as it evolves into a 250,000 strong public entity in charge of the UK rail network.

Redefining and reigniting purpose

We co-created a new purpose with 78,000 Partners at John Lewis Partnership, defining a new North Star to drive their future plans.

Uniting behind
a purpose

We developed a new purpose and values to bring together two leading international recruitment firms under Hydrogen Group.

Embedding Purpose

We help you embed purpose, so you can drive better decision-making and shape your ways of working, making your culture and business practices more purposeful, sustainable and inclusive.

Sustainability Strategy

We helped Bupa create Mission Zero - a sustainability strategy that was credible for their business and relevant and exciting for colleagues and customers.

Purpose-driven Decision-Making

We worked with Lloyds Banking Group to put purpose at the heart of decision making, co-creating new values and making these central to key processes and their leadership culture.

Embedding Inclusivity across the brand

We helped the Sustainable Business Transformation team at PVH embed inclusivity across the Tommy Hilfiger brand to drive positive impact.

Employee engagement and internal comms

We helped John Lewis Partnership engage 78,000 Partners to ensure everybody understood, believed in and felt ownership of the company’s purpose, and could use it in their work every day.

Activating Purpose

We help you activate purpose, so you can bring it to life in the world and create impact and brand equity through communications, campaigns, customer experience, innovation and impact partnerships.

Corporate comms
and brand activation

We created IKEA’s IDAHOBIT and Pride, “Progress is made” campaign to illuminate the lived experience of the LGBT+ community, showing how employees and customers can help LGBT+ people feel more at home.

Brand comms
and campaigns

We developed a playful digital-first campaign, #normalforme, encouraging women across the world to know what their own boobs feel like, as a way of activating Avon’s Breast Cancer Awareness partnership.

Innovation and social impact

We’ve helped Kimberly Clark to both define and activate their social and sustainable impact strategy across various categories, including a series of purpose sprints to identify breakthrough innovation ideas for Kotex.

Making sustainability relevant for consumers

We created ‘Sourced with Care’ to help Twinings tell a simple and compelling story about sustainable sourcing that would work across all key markets and all audiences. The creative was supported by a digital platform and self-serve toolkit for marketers.

Co-creating your future

The same old ways of working are not fit for brand purpose. Our approach is different. We’ve found the greatest success comes when the work is shared with diverse groups of people, using co-creation. It’s about bringing groups of colleagues, customers and experts together in new ways to shape the future of your brand and your world.