How do you get the world checking their breasts?

Avon’s purpose is centred around the idea that a better world for women is a better world for all. They wanted to continue their 30 years’ of support for breast cancer awareness by uniting women around the world with a single campaign for the first time, encouraging their customers to check for signs of breast cancer.

  • 11k video views on Facebook
  • 1,600+ posts on Instagram have used the #NormalForMe hashtag
  • More women across Turkey, Poland, Romania, Philippines, South Africa, UK, Italy and Russia have checked their boobs

Understanding women's feelings

Avon wanted a global idea that would resonate with the different attitudes and norms around women’s health across multiple markets. Research revealed that in all countries, women aren’t checking their boobs often enough and that there was an education gap.

Finding cut through

It’s a crowded market for boob checking campaigns – what we were trying to do was not new. We decided that the best strategy was to use behavioural change levers to ensure our idea was easy to act on, and easily sharable by Avon’s Beauty Reps.

A very normal idea

Through collaborative sessions with Avon teams across different markets, we arrived at the simple idea that every boob is different, so all we need to do is know what’s normal for us.

We created a clear and inspiring toolkit that would give Avon’s regional teams and Beauty Reps everything they needed to share the idea on their channels and with their network. It was shared well ahead of Breast Cancer Awareness Month so teams had time to prepare their version of the campaign.


11k video views on Facebook


1,600+ posts on Instagram have used the #NormalForMe hashtag