Creating a better
Life at Home globally

The Challenge:

Design and deliver a global flagship programme to help IKEA live up to its ambitious and purposeful mission — to create a better everyday life for the many people.

What we did:
- Diverse research methods
- Insight and strategy
- Digital platform creation
- Report writing and design
- Integrated communications
- Video production
- Innovation strategy

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Our Approach:

Since 2018 we’ve worked with IKEA to gain a deep understanding of how life at home is changing around the world. We’ve helped transform this insight into stories, actions and experiences to make home a happier healthier place for all, no matter where and how you live. 

From our changing relationships with places and spaces inside and outside the home, to the erosion of privacy, the annual project focuses on original research insights, then translates them into meaningful ideas for action.


32 pieces of coverage
1.69m online readership
346k circulation

1.81m estimated coverage views
371 social shares
2019 results pending

Given is everything – and more – an agency partner could possibly have been. From day one, they set out towards our shared ambition and did everything possible to take us there. Every asset and approach has been thoughtful, relevant and creative, and the quality has consistently been A+.

Katie McCrory

Global Communications Lead

Co-Created Insight and strategy
Diverse research techniques
Integrated communications
Video production

The Power of Privacy

Through our global research we identified 5 core emotional needs of the home: ‍Privacy, Security, Comfort, Ownership, Belonging. Each year, we intend to explore in more detail each of these emotional needs. In 2019 we focused on the need for privacy at home, wherever it might be.