Giving Everyone at OVO a role in fighting climate change

The Challenge:

in 2020 OVO launched its Plan Zero: an ambitious strategy to transform the business to help drive progress toward zero-carbon living – the aim to hit net zero emissions by 2030

However given the scale and speed needed to realise this ambition – it was critical every one of OVOs 7,600+ colleagues needed to feel accountable, responsible and inspired to deliver it. From Finance to Smart Metering, People to Customer Service.

What we did:
- Insight and Strategy
- Campaign design  
- Microsite development
- Communications asset

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Our Approach:

From our initial research phase, the insight was clear, OVO colleagues were drawn to the ambition of the Plan Zero strategy, However, we saw a clear need to turn these aspirations towards a 2030 vision into practical everyday action.

We made the Plan Zero Launch campaign all about OVO employees – asking what motivates them when it comes to a zero-carbon future (and not about distant business targets)

A clear call to action

We asked everyone at OVO to use this week to “Find their thing for our planet” making Plan Zero about what motivates ovo employees (and not about business targets) In turn employees couldn't help but get excited about

The results were overwhelmingly positive.

Engagement rates were high (over 70% for emails, over 50% for the thing-o-meter). Crucially, however, we managed to create a real sense of community and connection during a time when employees felt far apart.

4,191 employees found their thing on the thing-o-meter

752 photos were shared on the Wall of Things, which saw 5,256 likes and 6,392 site visits

73% of employees (on average) opened the Daily Bites emails

And as for Plan Zero? It’s early days, but the commitment shown in Ovo Week has given us a strong start. And, with 16 projects already developed in hackathons, Ovo are well on the way to continuing momentum.