Enabling furloughed creatives to donate their time and talent

The challenge

With the charity sector facing a £12.4 billion fundraising shortfall, demand for their services at a record high and a new socially-distanced landscape to operate within, the COVID pandemic presents an enormous challenge to charities and social enterprises – felt hardest by the smallest organisations. At the same time, marketing budgets disappeared and businesses battened down the hatches as hundreds of thousands of creative professionals were put on furlough – unable to work, but allowed to volunteer.

What we did
- Creative strategy
- Campaign development
- Copywriting
- Design and illustration
- Website design & build
- Content production

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Our approach

The Time Well Spent campaign was born from seeing a unique opportunity to connect these two things. Squarely asking furloughed creatives to donate their time and talent to charities and social enterprises in desperate need of help. It was a win-win solution: creative professionals lacking a sense of purpose could spend their newfound time for good, and smaller charities responding to the pandemic could harness these talents for free to help them weather these extremely challenging times.


Since the launch of the campaign, over 400 creatives have signed up to volunteer their time and talent, resulting in a 127% increase of total users on the Goodsted platform in under 3 months!

72 new challenges (volunteer opportunities) have been listed by charities and social enterprises since campaign launch (a 307% increase)

We created an interactive microsite to launch the Time Well Spent campaign, to drive users to sign up to the Goodsted platform and donate their time and talent. A steady drum-beat supply of social media content was produced to maintain interest in the site. Several features in the creative press also helped to raise awareness in the industry.

As an early-stage social enterprise, the growth we have seen in the past couple of months has been terrific, most notably with the number of creative volunteers who have registered to support charities, non-profits, and impact businesses achieve their social & environmental goals.

Selin Yigitbasi-Ducker

Founder & CEO - Goodsted

Creative press coverage
Positive impact
Concept, design and copywriting
Website design and build