Exploring the impact of the
global pandemic on life at home

The challenge

In a year like no other, the annual IKEA Life at Home Report was more important than ever. But studying it also presenting new and different challenges – how to understand and record homes all around the world from our own?

Over 6 months, we got under the skin of real life at home during pandemic restrictions by connecting with almost 40,000 people across 37 countries. Speaking to 20 families every week between April and July, and running a global quantitative survey in partnership with Ipsos Mori, we wanted to understand how people were living and changing their homes. We also worked with experts in the home to look forward to what this might mean for our lives at home in the future.

What we did:
- Diverse research methods
- Insight and strategy
- Creative concept and story
- Report writing and design
- Integrated communications
- Video concept and production
- Co-creation

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Our approach

Since 2018, we’ve helped IKEA explore our changing relationships with places and spaces inside and outside the home and the erosion of privacy there, but 2020 marks a change in our relationship with home that is more global and more consistently felt than anything we’ve seen before.

It’s a change happening everywhere, to everyone and all at once, and we believe it marks a changed and closer relationship with home in the future. IKEA Life at Home 2020 explores this through a comprehensive report, website and series of video and digital assets provided to IKEA market teams across the world.

Results since 2018:

100 press articles
Reach of over 500 million

Over 3m dwell time on website
Translated into 11 languages

The Big Home Reboot

Collaborating with content creators from Canada, India, France, UK, Spain and Japan, and a songwriter from Germany, we were able to authentically capture the way the vast majority of people around the world are feeling about their homes as a result of pandemic restrictions: closer than ever. Hopefully, inspiring them to continue making the changes that offer them a better life at home.

Given is everything – and more – an agency partner could possibly have been. From day one, they set out towards our shared ambition and did everything possible to take us there. Every asset and approach has been thoughtful, relevant and creative, and the quality has consistently been A+.

Katie McCrory

Global Communications Lead

Co-created insight and strategy
Diverse research techniques
Integrated communications
Video production