How do you bring everyone into your sustainable transformation?

Today’s business practices are under increased scrutiny. With the internal backing and belief that the business needed to step up, we helped Interflora develop a sustainability strategy and action plan that would gain support from employees, florists, and customers.

  • First sustainability strategy for Interflora 
  • 12 working groups helping to embed the strategic actions and create change
  • First data collection exercise to understand business impact
It’s been fantastic working with Given, I’ve learned a huge amount in the time we’ve spent together! I'm very proud of our Buds of Change programme and how far we’ve come over the last couple of years in developing and starting to deliver it.
Zara Taylor

Head of Wholesale & Supply

A unifying story

Through a series of co-creation workshops, we developed a sustainability narrative that all employees could get behind. We started big – identifying potential focus areas related to key industry issues – before narrowing our thinking and testing our narratives with a wider group of employees.

Clear ambition

We used comply, compete and lead exercises to explore the business ambition around the main material issues. These exercises brought internal stakeholders on our journey and provided tangible examples of what was needed to reach these ambitions, and clear direction for the next steps.

Budding roadmap

We workshopped an in-depth roadmap of requirements, targets and actions for Interflora to use as they work to embed sustainability into the business. A collaborative approach gave everyone a thorough understanding of the actions each team would need to achieve.

Cohesive visual identity

With created a sustainability identity to help communicate all activities. This elevated our easy-to-use sustainability plan document which the team shared internally and externally.

A hard-working working group

Once the strategy was launched, we helped Interflora form working groups set around each key strategic area. We gave expert knowledge which helped each group establish greater understanding on a variety of topics, and developed a committee charter in collaboration with each group to lay the foundations for moving forward.