Putting purpose back at the heart of train travel

The Challenge:

In June 2018, the LNER brand launched overnight to replace Virgin East Coast. A purpose, set of values; and sustainability strategy were needed to overcome legacy issues and set the new brand on the right track.

What we did:
- Research and insight
- Co-creation
- Purpose and values strategy
- Sustainability strategy
- Proposition development
- Brand design
- Employee engagement
- Communications assets

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Our Approach:

Our insights revealed the critical importance of truly representing colleagues – all the work needed to be theirs to own.

We co-created LNERs purpose and values with over 600 colleagues and passengers through surveys, workshops and on-the-job visits. Key to this was the change management process, helping to make the vision come to life through customer experience, operations, and colleague engagement.

LNER Co-creation Film


Employees on all levels are now champions for delivering LNERs sustainability ambition, including being a zero carbon entity by 2050.

LNER Purpose and values film

The co-creation of our brand purpose, values and behaviours with Given was one of those initiatives which we have referred back to many times over the past couple of years when reflecting on the highlights of how we have quickly turned LNER into a leading rail business.

David Horne

Managing Director, LNER