Reinventing sustainability reporting

The Challenge:

To make sustainability at Virgin Media more valued by more people. When we first started working with Virgin Media 10 years ago, sustainability reporting across the industry was very different. It was widely known that very few people were reading their reports, but what to do about it?

What we did:
- Creative strategy and ideas
- Report copywriting and design
- Communications planning
- Video and social content production

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Our Approach:

To bring the power of digital technology and the excitement of the Virgin brand into Virgin Media’s sustainability reporting. 

We pioneered an ongoing engagement approach, tailored the content for customers and other audiences and pioneered a number of new formats. Think animated infographics, interactive timelines, employee generated videos; and the first ever VR report.

But the biggest achievement has been making Virgin Media employees the engine of reporting communications for over a decade.


Over the years Virgin Media has been recognised in numerous ways for their disruptive approach to sustainability communications and reporting.

They've become a benchmark for how to bring brand creativity, and cross-channel thinking into your reporting strategy.

Going beyond a PDF...

We created the world’s first 360-degree corporate sustainability experience. The immersive 360-degree video plays a powerful role in helping people interact with Virgin Media's sustainability strategy and vision. We branded Google goggles to all employees so they could truly get that immersive experience.