Turning on a customer
engagement revolution

The Challenge:

For the first time, every water company in the UK  is heavily incentivised for quality customer service and engagement.

Anglian Water had the simple goal to become a best in class brand with customers.

What we did:
- Brand strategy
- Service Innovation
- Behaviour change campaign
- Culture change
- Integrated communications

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Our Approach:

Given has been integral to Anglian Water’s customer service transformation programme over the last four years. Our unique co-creation approach has been the engine of the process from the start.

The work has centred around a flagship change management project to create a customer service mindset across the business. This came to life through a number of brand innovation, behaviour change and customer engagement campaigns.


- OffWat awarded Anglian Water a best in class score for customer engagement in 2019

- Achieved an 8% reduction in water use year on year in a multifaceted behaviour change test

- Given were named supplier of the year by Anglian Water in 2019

‘Make Today Great’ is a call to arms for employees to enable the transformation of Anglian Water from an asset management company into a true customer service leader.

Changing customer behaviour with the Smarter Drop campaign

After a series of in-depth research experiments looking into behaviour change triggers around reducing water usage, we found that financial incentives were a clear winner.

Saving water = Saving money